Sundance Group (SGi), established in 1998 as a boutique Human Resources consulting firm, was built on the principle of Keeping the Human in Human Resources.

Initially offering services that supported the business community, we have grown and evolved into a full service company that supports both businesses and individuals.

In 2008, the Chicago Southland Job Hunters Network was launched to support individuals in career transition throughout Chicago’s south suburban region. Now referred to as the Chicago Southland Career Network.

MAP-MAIN_AREA-2015We are serious and passionate about what we do. We work hard to find the best candidates for our client companies. We work equally as hard to review and develop career marketing plans. The impact of our work has been far-reaching, not just here in Illinois, but from as far away as California. This website is part of our ongoing effort to support companies who are creating jobs and developing careers, as well as the individuals who want to grow and expand their career horizons.

~ Donna Mazalin, SGi Founder

Homer Glen, Headshots- Oct 2015-14