When is the right time to prepare your Resume?

The day/week you start a new job. Why wait to stress when you suddenly find yourself needing to get a ready resume in a hurry? Some advice I’ve shared in the past includes save your most current resume under the date you started a new job, along with your name. Then in the midst of week one – update your resume with the very basic details of company name, title, date started, etc.

Then wait about a month and tweak a bit more. Now put it aside but mark your calendar for a 6 month checkpoint – or maybe the same date you get your scheduled performance review. (Well, let’s hope that does happen when it’s supposed to!) In any case, updating your resume from the start of your newest job and tweaking it along the way as your experience progress grows will give you some sense of organization and preparedness for the next time you need to start looking for a job. (07 July)