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Speaking of development…

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Wow, that was 6 days ago. Had not intended for such a span of time before the next post. So here goes – Speaking of development: What about your professional development?


Do you wait until your scheduled (and hopefully regular) performance review to discuss your own concerns or aspirations? As we advise employers – the waiting game when played – is in no one’s favor.

Maybe managers will take heed in considering how to best schedule and plan for a performance review.Maybe not.

Make your own opportunity to ask to schedule some time with your manager. When you feel like you could be contributing more to the organization and therefore your own career path – share the reasons why. Don’t approach your manager with a question without some foundation or idea. Approach with some thoughtfulness – the fact that you’ve taken a good long look organization-wide and wondered how you may best prepare for other roles or even functions.

No one needs to stay in their current job – unless of course they want to. No fault there. Many are content in doing the same thing day-in and year-out. Maybe it pays the bills, is convenient, comfortable and all that. Maybe there isn’t any other place to go – and that is often the case. But if there is, why not put one foot in front of the other and consider your options.

Your research can easily start on LinkedIn, by finding out the roles current colleagues have held in the past – or what former colleagues are doing now. You may start to see the light a bit — that there is other options. So often, and employees might not consider this – jobs are created or hired for the right person, not just the credentials.

So, how do you become the right person. What do you see in others that inspire you, or in those that you know are the high-rollers in your organization. Don’t just sit back and let your career happen around you. Step in and see what there is available to you, in-house or on your own – to strengthen your skills, increase your knowledge base put you in touch with others you can learn from. Don’t let the grass grow under your feet. Others may just mow you over.

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