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BodyCon: I recently came across this term when searching for dresses (online) to wear for a family wedding. After a few missteps on the keyboard and into my mail, I realized BodyCon was not the type of dress I should be ordering! You live, you learn.

Yet it got me thinking, about our own self-consciousness, self-awareness. Are we always aware of how we present ourselves in a not-so-casual scenario?

Beyond verbal communication skills, which we will continue to discuss – what about body language – and how is that working for you? Here are a few (yes 5) points to ponder and while it may be okay in a casual setting may not ‘work for us’ in a professional or job seeking encounter?

  1. Using your chin as a headrest when talking with someone and your hand covers your mouth.
  2. When your eyes speak louder than your words. I’ve been accused…

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