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Critical Skills for most of us…

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Most often, our resumes or CVs detail our work history with some note of goals or objectives. The cover letters we create introduce our resume (or it should) to inform the employer why we are applying to the company, to what position and how we are suited for the opening.


What these documents often leave out is evidence of quite essential skills for most professional jobs (and then some). We can only hope for an in-person interview so we could demonstrate these skills throughout our conversation when discussing our past experiences. When employers use behavioral interviewing techniques, they may uncover one’s level of skills in these areas. If they haven’t posed questions that would drive this conversation – then ‘you’ may have to be prepared to highlight some (or all) of the more critical skills listed below. This list was originally sourced through the University of Toledo. These NINE critical skills have led to great discussion in the past, and will no doubt continue to generate conversation and ideas on how to promote yourself in the best light, and allow the hiring authority to imagine your success in the position you are interviewing for.

“Nine of the more critical skills sought ….” 

  1. Research
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Organizational
  4. Problem-solving
  5. Creative thinking
  6. Analytical / logical thinking
  7. Public Speaking
  8. Oral Communications
  9. Adaptability
Think about each of these. Think about the divide and conquer concept. You hope to get a call from the employer based on the resume and cover letter you submitted. Which three of these skills can be displayed through those two documents?
Which three of these (or more) skills can be demonstrated during the interview process?

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