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“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”

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~ Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker

What does this mean?

I’ve certainly been advised in recent months to take care of myself – or I won’t be able to take care of anyone else. We hear it inflight – if there is an event where oxygen masks drop, put your own mask on first, before that of your children. When you think about it – it makes sense. Yet sometimes are own inherent reactions to sudden or ongoing stress seems to surface.

So if we think this through – being the best version of yourself will certainly impact your abilities and value to your job and the company you work for. But those aren’t always there. We lose jobs, quit jobs, our jobs get eliminated, or we just can’t find a job. But we – you and me, are always going to be here.

There are so many experiences and knowledge gained in one work environment that we don’t always think about how this translate into our own worth in the next job – what we subconsciously take with us.

Consider a thorough self exam – an honest one.

  • Am I eating a proper diet to maintain health and energy and ward aging culprits?
  • Can I be more organized at home – thereby alleviating unnecessary stresses?
  • Do I have a place at home to go relax, unwind, meditate when needed?
  • What is a fear that I should be able to conquer on my own?
  • Am I continually late and need to organize my schedule, planning, etc.?
  • Am I looking forward to things, or always looking back?

Maybe these items and more, are on your personal to-do list but they never seem to get checked off. Being the best version of yourself is a gift only you can give yourself. The items above are just food for thought. Checking them off one at a time is better than never getting to that list. Self-help books, peer groups, classes and other activities may help you get there, but you need to take that first step on you own. We all work so very hard and dedicate our time, energy and often emotion to our work; yet taking little time for our own self-improvement.

Here are just a few people that have worked quite hard on themselves, with forever learning and continuous improvement in many aspects of their lives… all contributing to their success as great leaders of our time.






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