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After the fact…Hiring managers take note


Last night’s meeting at Rasmussen and discussion brought attention and focus to perceived age discrimination. Simply put – a bad, inexperienced, inappropriate, unprofessional interview – often could be just that. Regardless of feeling one’s age or being made to feel insignificant – one has to realize that an organization who puts people in charge of hiring that behave in that manner, is not likely a company you want to be a part of. Take it as your own red flag to stay far away. When things are so considerably insensitive or improper – be sure that is the message you share with others about your interview experiences.

Companies need to assure that those who are candidate-facing are representing their organizations in a legal, appropriate and professional manner  – whether or not the person being interviewed will be hired. Bad news travels fast and those offended by these incidents should move forward and beyond this experience. Don’t let it define how you approach future interviews or the anticipation that others will be result in the same offensive tone.

Other roundtable discussions including trying to find a job when technology experience is outdated, and finding a completely new career path after early retirement.

2 thoughts on “After the fact…Hiring managers take note

  1. Just saw an application asking for the applicants birthday. When I questioned this, the gentleman distributing the app said ” we haven’t had a problem with this before”.


    • I might have said “really?”

      And just complete the application with a friendly face and leave that part blank – and make a note “will be disclosed if hired on the appropriate documentation that I know will be required.”


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