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because there are two sides to every story

Up for a challenge anyone? Hungry? Thirsty?

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Maybe even a contest of sorts? Any creatives out there? Any wordsmiths who are good at playing with words?


So here’s the backstory. This blog – the one you are looking at right now, the one I hope you are following – was created to tell the stories of others; others who have had their careers interrupted, and those who are in career transition. It was and still is intended to introduce and discuss professions and career paths (such as social workers, speech therapists, etc.) We’ve still not shared those stories but will soon post our first one. Interviews and authorization are required, along with time and attention. As the blog was being developed, we were led down the road of regularity — create pages for job postings, inspirational quotes, event announcements and management/career-relevant articles. Blah-blah boring.

So here’s where you come in, if you choose to accept the challenge. We need to reach a wider audience, preferably nationwide. However, our focus on the Chicago Southland community is not so inviting to those outside of our region. That title was chosen for the meetings we hold in the area. Around the end of the summer, I realized that I can still maintain a personal focus on this community but the content should be more public. I hope you agree.

So after weeks of throwing around catchy phrases and consulting with writer/marketing friends – I realize it may take a village to come up with a new name just for this blog. One that discusses career paths and challenges that are faced by all of us in this country, but still staying particularly close to those we are surrounded by. I want it to be professional yet catchy. Some lyric from a song, something recognizable, but meaningful. There are so many career related blogs out there, often connected to HR services or people.

You can vote on 1 of these listed here, or – you can submit one or two of your own.

  1. A textured career
  2. Textured careers
  3. Mind your own career
  4. Careers, Etc.
  5. Let’s Talk Work
  6. Workplace Conversations
These are a few of those currently being considered and reviewed by the team.
If you have a question or want more clarity, please respond to the question page on this blog.
You can also use that as an entry form.
Only choose from 1-6 above if you can’t come up with anything better.
You can enter up to two (2) choices but it must be in the same entry – not separate days.
My team will be voting on the best of the new ideas – or on an overwhelming vote for one of the 6 listed above.
Contest will end November 30th.
Will be announced on December 1st – at our next meeting in Mokena.
Prize will be an over-abundance of appreciation plus a token gift card ($25) to either Coopers Hawk Winery or Panera Bread.
A little something to eat and/or drink, for your troubles.
If for some strange reason, any overwhelming votes received on the suggestions we’ve already made determine that we use one of those names vs. the new ones — then there will be a runner up prize through a raffle  – one each of the voters and the word- smithers.
So, which are you? Will you vote on one of the above or submit 1-2 of your own creation?
Just let us know. If sending this via email = please send to HR@sundancegp.com with “contest” written in the subject line.
Earl and Other Greys. Brilliant!

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