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Communicating what you want…

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Last Tuesday’s meeting of the Chicago Southland was small yet productive. Sometimes it just works out that way. Our discussion was on communicating what we want.

Whether in a networking environment or on a job interview, specificity is key in letting someone know what path you are on. Here’s an example:

  1. I really love working in the hospitality industry.
An interviewer would want to know why you like the industry. So instead of stating a quick and non-specific answer, try enhancing your statement:
  1. I have enjoyed the hospitality industry because it allows me to interact with a diverse group of people during their travels – whether on business or for personal reasons; I can help them in so many ways while they are away from home or their offices.
  2. OR – I would like to maintain my career in hospitality. In particular – the hotel industry. I’ve gained many different skills from working everywhere from the front desk to marketing and hope to continue in that path.

Now, those 2 suggestions may seem a little wordy but they are more specific. So just keep those examples in mind, when you tell someone you love working in “XYZ” include a couple of the reasons why.

Among the issues ‘communicated’ in our meeting about what is really wanted in a job going forward included the following:

  • Have less stress in life and more time to do things I like
  • Would like to mentor others in my career
  • Need to re-connect with temp agencies to see where I might fit best
  • Be more assertive without feeling guilty
  • Be stronger about rejection
  • Work with the same people daily in an office environment
  • Continue to work in an environment (retail) where I can connect with others even briefly throughout the work day.

Thanks to those who braved the elements to join us last week.meeting


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