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passwords galore

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We’ve all been there – trying to remember a password or trying to find the place we wrote it down. Damn, we often end up having to reset and create a new one.

Everything we do these days seems to require a password/email account – not just shopping or applying for jobs, but even for viewing some sites. It’s a pain but one that won’t soon disappear.

Most sites will deem case sensitive, or a combination of digits, letters special characters or even no special characters.

Security is critical for reasons too numerous to detail here, but view the link here: (https://www.amazon.com/gp/cart/view.html/ref=nav_cart)

You should feel safe when you see that ‘s‘ as then that page and/or site is secured. Whether a retail site or a government one – make sure you see that before entering personal information.


When it comes to the many job boards and those of the company career pages – consider creating one password that is specific just for your job search.

Regardless, experts recommend updating passwords quarterly at the least. Here’s an article from wiseGEEK explaining why.

Because so many of us are on social media socially, I do not recommend using references to favorite vacation places, pet names, birthday or anniversary dates. If someone wants to hack you, these details may be easily found out – but yes, that will depend on how much and where you share. Just be cautious and be vigilant about your choices. If you want to choose something you will easily remember, then really  put some thought into the passwords you decide upon – and by all means, don’t use the same for all your access.



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