…to each and every one of you who are following.

Time and attention to your family and friends is what is likely on your plates these next couple of days, as it should be. Enjoy them as much as possible.

A pretty business woman with binoculars at Christmas

And these couple of days are perfectly fine to focus on yourself and your loved ones. But don’t think for a second that no one is actively recruiting during the holiday season. They are. The decision makers may be taking some extended time off, but the positions that were open last month are likely still open this month, as processes do seem to slow down with regard to recruiting activities.

Don’t be incognito just because you think no one is watching. Someone is, and someone will be paying attention soon. I see this throughout my own recruitment subscriptions about staying active and being proactive, and maybe especially this time of year. And to that end, I wish each of you the absolute best in your career search endeavors, and as joyous a holiday season as it can be!