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A January date has not been set as of yet for meeting again. More than likely later in the month, but again on a Tuesday. Please share with those who might be interested in attending. If there is not enough regular participation or increased need for support, I am hesitant to commit to further meetings.

As far as Resume Development, yes that is a service I have provided for many years. Along with that is developing LinkedIn profiles. We did have an open session early this month to discuss some of the ins/outs of using LinkedIn for your job search and enhancing your profile. I am open to have another such session, provided there is a minimum of 10 people who are interested in attending.

Do know that going forward there is a membership fee, and those who attend as a member do not have to pay at each meeting. Others who are not members will be asked to pay $10 per.

As next week has most of us returning to somewhat of a regular schedule – I will be able to share more details.

A happy and safe new years to each and every one of you.


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