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Too sick to interview?

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Well, things happen. Holidays, bad weather, overabundance of scheduling, partying, shopping, people – and there you go – starting the new year with the flu. You tried to avoid it. You got your flu shot, you used hand sanitizer, you dressed appropriately. But here it is, the interview date that you scheduled in advance to take place just after the holidays, as everyone gets back into the work groove.

You’re not feeling to well the night before but you’ve done your homework on the company, know enough about them and the job you’re interviewing for to be able to ask intelligent questions. You want to look your best. So, you take great care the night before – turning in early with plenty of fluids and Vitamin C. But you waken on that morning to a horrid sore throat, looking quite awful and you sound just as bad. You’re sneezing and coughing at the same time.

Make the call. Call the company asap and ask to postpone your interview appointment, for a few days later. We’re all human. We all get sick – and so do the people you may be interviewing with. If they don’t understand and give an impression that this is the only opportunity and you’d better take it now, or never — well, maybe that is giving you a peek at the culture of the organization. Or of the individual you will be reporting to. Just a thought.

Believe me, as a corporate recruiter and having countless people across a desk for me – there is little else worse than someone sniffling, sneezing, reaching for a tissue, apologizing over and over for their condition, and likely spreading germs in my office. I’d rather someone have called and gracefully ask for a change of schedule (giving yourself 2-3 days out).There is no need to explain the graphic details of your situation – it is likely to be easily understood through your voice. If matters are serious, maybe the call could be placed by someone on your behalf. It just needs to be placed.

A simple request such as “I sincerely apologize for this late notice, however I  am calling to ask that we reschedule our interview appointment. I’ve taken quite ill overnight and would hate to put you and your staff at risk if I am at all contagious. I’d  much prefer to make the good impression that I’ve planned on at our first meeting, if you would allow me to.”

Keeping it brief and keeping it professional will keep you in a good light while you are getting better and more ready than ever.


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