We write cover letters, we practice elevator speeches, we interview and hope to be at our best each time.


Organizations have mission statements – or they should; in order to spell out their purpose, their reasons for existing. This written and likely publicized statement is to announce their core purpose and focus – and typically this should not change over time.

No matter where we work or what company we work for – our own work ethics should define us in any environment. So why not create your own personal/professional mission statement? You can use it as a LinkedIn profile, in all of your cover letters, and in small part within the profile of your Resume when space allows.

Your statement should answer 4 simple questions:

  1. What you do
  2. How you do it
  3. What do you do it for
  4. What value or purpose does it serve

If you find this a bit challenging, try it out on your partner or spouse first, then on another person whose job you are familiar with. Consider your own work ethic and beliefs. Your personal/professional mission statement should be applicable throughout your career – no matter where you work or what you do for a living.