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When you take the job offer…

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You are accepting the status quo – the current pay structure, expected work schedule, benefits, work environment and more. And as most offers go, subject to change.

Companies change – they evolve. They grow or they shrink or they change direction. Their rent goes up, insurance and workers compensation costs increase. Their licensing fees and salaries promised go up. That is expected when one runs a business. But if their own sales aren’t going UP as hoped and planned for, then the ability to keep up with the status quo may diminish.

When accepting a job offer in a small organization, one that is doing well nonetheless, keep in mind the growing pains. Working in a small company can have so many benefits that one might not have planned for. Surprise ones – disguised as hard work, extra work, the wearing of many hats.

But oh, those benefits can bring wonderful bonds with colleagues; can bring about a sense of ownership and loyalty not always experienced in a larger organization (though I certainly did while working for the original Midway Airlines). We were a fortunate group of 4500 who lost our beloved jobs in 1991 due to economic crisis and other factors, beyond our control. But we were loyal. We were dedicated. We ‘owned’ our jobs!

So consider that job offer that is coming your way – weigh out all the benefits you will gain beyond a paycheck and beyond health care coverage. Consider being a part of an industry as it grows or even as it struggles. Oh, the things you will learn. They are priceless and can’t be spelled out in an offer letter.


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