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Let’s Get in the Mood – Day 1

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It seems that many people would like to get some interview practice, without fear of being turned down or exposing those things they hope not to. So, for the next 5 days I will pose one question per day right here.

You are encouraged to respond as you would if you were responding in person or during a phone interview. These questions will seem generic in order to address the entire audience regardless of your profession, but are important enough to elicit information desired by employers.

I will collect the response and discuss at our meeting on 3/22.

Question 1:

Can you site a significant accomplishment that was publicly acknowledged by your company/employer?

This is a common question used by employers – to find out more details of what you may have listed on your resume. Think carefully about how to respond. If you can’t site anything specific – your response may go something like this: ‘the position I held was very much behind the scenes and did not provide the opportunity to stand out.’

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