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Having a Stellar Social Media Presence

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You’re in a serious job search. You are putting it all out there – in having a great resume, references to back you up, and a creative cover letter designed to target each individual employer. You are staying positive and networking your way to your next job.

You’re on Facebook for fun and LinkedIn to stay current with your professional network. You may be on dating sites or other forums targeted to you more specifically.

Tis the season 12832412_1759501334294773_4981612370759335660_n


The political season is upon us. If you’re on social media – you are likely inundated with the opinions, fears and hopes of your circle of friends and their friends. You may have strong feelings and opinions yourself. Be cautious about what you post, like or otherwise now react to. Your own remarks may be offensive to others. Employers have a major presence on Facebook for general marketing and recruiting. I saw a recent motivational graphic suggesting we ask ourselves the following before openly speaking: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?

Social events

Unless you are part of a fraternity of sorts, mature folks who are in job search should be cautious in posting images of heavy intoxication – in particular their own. We’re all social and want to share our good times. But I certainly wouldn’t want a prospective client of mind finding a photo of me in beachwear or less.

Basically, you don’t want to present yourself in an offensive or argumentative matter. Supporting one thing without bashing another should be fine.

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