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As I go about trying to brand our Chicago Southland Career Network – I know the following for sure:

  1. The group/forum is the local community that meets on a somewhat regular basis, in person, and that I (attempt to) facilitate the meeting, exchange of ideas and support networking efforts.
  2. The Blog – this blog, albeit the original concept, does not need to be branded as ‘Chicago’ anything and I prefer it has a wider reach. It just so happens that this is where it started. This blog will have a name change down the road.
So while I am getting a bit tired of the purple-people imagery  cropped-peoplecrowd3.jpg, I am still considering some other options and would like to get your opinions.
First – one image for the ‘local group’ as it currently meets in Mokena. ???
Next – another image for the BLOG. NEWS PAGEcropped-career-management-services.jpg
These 2 of sunflowers I have used on the career management pages of my website.
Here’s others I am considering:

boys at bbc

#1) A few years back at the BBC – some of our actual participants.


#2) This could serve as a label or such – career community?


# 3) I love sundials as much as sunflowers – and this image shows some ‘direction.’

abstract group

#4) An abstract of a group of people meeting around a table.


I need to find one and stick with it!


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