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Good Morning Monday!

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And here it is, the afternoon. Monday mornings are not the easiest to get moving to. I envy those people who can get up and go with the morning sun. Something I aspire to! In any case, I hope all enjoyed a peaceful Easter weekend.

On my mind this Monday – so much. I always read the Sunday business section of the Chicago Tribune, and other publications I may make the time for.

There was a column via Robert Half International (for Career Builder) that got my attention. It was about career professionalism.
The ‘7 key elements’ described were:

  1. accountability
  2. consideration
  3. humility
  4. communication
  5. tidiness
  6. kindness
  7. consistency
All of these will be obvious in the day-to-day workplace. But how does one convey these characteristics during the job interview process? My first thought is the first image one gives during that process. Your resume and cover letter? Are they appropriately organized (Tidy); and as this is the first sign of (Communication) abilities/style and (Consistency) – how are you framing the information, presenting it via email and/or hard copy? Beyond spelling and grammar – do the fonts and general format of your cover letter match that of your resume? First impressions!
Of the other elements, Consideration may be a bit vague when applying it to the job search. However, your attention to detail will be obvious when you follow the rules laid out for you. Following the ‘how to apply’ rules is essential to getting to the next step. Occasionally, employers will place a brief directive within a job posting – just to determine if the posting was read in its entirety. Those candidates that ignore this part or haven’t followed the directive may be immediately disqualified.
Accountability. Whether stated in print or verbally in the interview process = one must be accountable for all the qualities and experiences listed on your resume. If you stated you were a manager – be able to prove that. If you claimed you were in a role or with a company for a specific time period – be able to prove that to.
Kindness and Humility. None of us are entitled to an interview much less a job offer. However, there are those who approach employers with such an attitude or a chip on their shoulders just because the last few appointments didn’t go in their favor.
Even when being rejected for a job – how you handle your response can say a lot about you. Make your lasting impression should be a good one.



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