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Having a Plan

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Do you have one?

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Do you have a plan for this week – on how you are going to go about your job search? Consider the following with regard to the goal of finding a new job:

  • Time you need to allocate for personal needs: appointments, etc.
  • Review newest job postings
  • Research employers named and decide which you are going to pursue
  • Start your contact efforts – through sending resumes via ad responses; LinkedIn contacts; networking efforts
  • Follow-up on the prior week’s effort
  • Go somewhere – IN PERSON, in order to get away from the computer; in order to make new networking contacts; in order to personally develop
  • Attend a Job Fair, on June 9th actually!

I’ve got my own plan to attend to. Finalize plans for tomorrow’s Roundtable meeting to start.

  • Then, follow-up with exhibitors who’ve committed to participate in the 6/9 Job Fair
  • Prospect additional employer/exhibitors
  • Source sponsorships
  • Draft Press Release
  • Reconfirm publications (online and print), social media, etc.
  • Begin heavier advertising to the public
  • Keep in touch with venue for any updates/changes
  • Plan meal break for recruiter/exhibitors
  • Order signage
  • Update budget for the event
  • Pray that we get enough diverse employers to recruiter as well as a well-balanced attendance insofar as level of experiences, credentials, etc. that June 9th is a successful event for everyone who shows up that day.


 I believe planning is worth the effort, in the long run, to achieve any goal – whether it be finding a new job, learning a new skill or planning a major event.  Make the time to take the time to find out for yourself.

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