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JOB FAIR Insights

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Well, June 9th came and went.


Of course, there were more jobs being recruited for than there were companies recruiting. But wait, isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?

Well, things happen – at home, at work. And sometimes those issues prevent an organization (or 2) from participating in such an event, even though they had every intention and had registered to do so. Sometimes, especially in the world of human resources, things happen and timing is everything and so there may be times when there are just not enough people available to send, to represent the organization in the manner it should be. So, our apologies on behalf of those companies who could not be present as planned, as we had shared some of their current openings and you may have been interested in these opportunities specifically.

I was glad to see attendees take advantage of the center table we had set-up, for sitting down to network, fill out job applications, read recruiting materials, etc.

In the mean time, without a visual infographic that I can share (just yet), here a are few insights that you may find helpful or interesting.

On the Employer side –

Among the top online sources used by our exhibitors yesterday:

1st – Indeed.com, followed by Career Builder.com. Honorable mentions include Craigs List, Monster.com, Zip Recruiter.com, NPO.com, LinkedIn, Jobs.com, Snagajob.com and various College sites. Preferences include Indeed and the company’s own websites.

Only one of our exhibitors has found success or actively uses LinkedIn for recruiting. I found that a bit surprising. Yet, they’ve all had some success recruiting through job fairs.

On the Applicant side:

Only half of those pre-registered to attend the job fair actually did.

Depending on the method of RSVP chosen, not all resumes came through in advance. That’s okay, because we were glad to accept a copy into our files when you check-in.

Some people came directly from their work, having noticed a sign outside but still in a work uniform from another area company – just wanting to see if there were any prospects for additional or different employment.

More than a dozen people were able to receive complimentary headshots on-the-spot. We hope they are put to good use, in particular – for one’s professional profile photo on LinkedIn.

While most people attending the job fair hailed from Chicago and the south suburbs, there were people from as far away as Evanston, Lake Forest, and River Forest.

And we thank those people who took a minute to write on our paper wall – what were the most important issues they consider when they look for a new job.

  1. Wages/Salary
  2. Advancement/Growth/Upward Mobility
  3. Benefits
  4. Location
  5. Other honorable mentions included Job Satisfaction and Challenging/Interesting Work; Flexibility; Stability/Reputation of the Company; Professional Development, and having the ability to find work utilizing one’s degree was also important.




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