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No longer one job at a time

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The trend is real.  A general tendency or course of events defines the word trend. If not already happening for most of us, it most likely will be the norm. The 2 or more jobs at a time trend.


For me, for so many years, that was the norm. In part and very early in my working years – I worked a full-time job and always another part-time, sometimes 2 other part-time jobs. Moving away from home at the age of 18 and wanting to make my own way, required multiple sources of income. And now, 40 years later – not a lot has changed.

Sure, being an entrepreneur and starting a business requires focus and commitment and time for little else. However, there’s a part of me that sometimes thinks about what I could do, a bit out-of-box, from my everyday work. Something more creative, more philanthropic, or something just for fun. I’ve thought about it when the holidays approach, but have hesitated to seriously pursue – because of course, I need to be available to my clients…and certainly can’t say ‘oh, I am working at Chico’s for the season and I’ll get back to you in January!’ If I made a commitment to a part-time gig on a weekend or in the evenings, then I could probably manage that.

Several years ago (like more than 25) I would work part-time during the busiest seasons at a Florist. Loved it! Part-time jobs when I was single took a more musical spin. Later years after a marriage ended and hence becoming a single parent, the part-time roles were more administrative in nature, alongside with the flower shops. Always busy, always working. I should have a lot more to show for it I think. But I do have the experiences and the memories.

So for me, having a part-time resource for extra income was the norm. But these days it may be the norm for most – the GIG economy as it’s been termed. This trend is not so new, according to this article already a year old, from the New York Times. This more-than-just-a-trend reality does carry a burden for people, both employers and employees. Having multiple streams of income may be a luxury for some, but a necessity for others.

Even my husband, and executive at a company has a part-time gig. One of his own choosing however. He’s a musician. He’s got a band. One that gigs on a fairly regular basis. But the income of such a very part-time activity is fleeting. It will never account for the rehearsals and all the other physical requirements of playing in a band, and long nights and long drives, etc. But it’s a choice because of a talent one has  – to do something completely out of the norm of what their work week is like, and to do something one loves.

What would you do (as John Quiñones regularly asks) if you could do something you love and have the talent or experience to do , to supplement your income? What could you do if you had no choice but to find an additional stream of income?

I would love to hear from you – about your alternative work situation, if you have one.

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