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Online Talent Communities

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This article from NEXT AVENUE explains how online talent communities help both passive and active job seekers from a myriad of professions and industries, while organizations can build a talent pool at the same time.


Our ‘community’ on Facebook – the Chicago Southland Career Network is similar in nature yet not specific to any one organization. It’s an online group focused in the Chicago area at large. It is not a place for soliciting multi-level-marketing type jobs, or those home based, etc. It is a ‘career’ network. One that accepted members can share valid job openings, job fair notifications and participate in related discussions.

Its a forum for positive and forward thinking people – those who are active in managing their careers.

Not everyone who requests membership in this online group is accepted. But we do hope that more ’employers’ get involved and let this be an extension of support for them – in developing their own online communities. Do note however, that joining any company’s talent community is not the same as applying for a job. Just like you would not apply for one on our own page, unless there is a specific directive to do so.

Yet these organizations who host online career communities will give you a sense of the culture at the organization, what they’re doing in their own local communities insofar as philanthropic work or other support or activities they’re involved in. Just consider the next time you go on an interview – how great it would be to have such knowledge about an organization due to your getting familiar with them from this vantage point.

Get further understanding by reading the article linked above.

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