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Since I’ve been in the midst once again of a high volume of resumes to review – I’ve noticed a few things that candidates themselves might not be aware of.

First off, and I’ve sent this often – when you share your resume with an agency – staffing, executive search, whatever – the same exact one that you’ve created may not be the one presented to the employer that agency is soliciting.

A version of your resume, often cut in half, will be presented – typically showing only relevant skills, experience, history. Some things you felt important may not be seen as such by the middle-person now representing you. Keep a handle on this when the time comes from you to interview with the employer. You should always have your own version ready to share, via email or in-person.

Next, so many resumes are just left to their own devices, or that of the various job boards out there. When you are able, share a PDF of your resume to these job boards so that YOUR VERSION is the one viewed by actual employers. In recent weeks, I’ve noted that through one reputable job board – ALL RESUMES are identical. So this job board (will go unnamed here) somehow translates your resume into their format for consistency sake, I guess. However, it is not always the best reputation of yourself.

As an example – when you have had multiple jobs or progressive titles at one company – the ONE COMPANY should still be listed with the entire date range. What often occurs on resumes, by default or just not thought about – is that each of these positions are portrayed as one job. Therefore, with the faster-than-the-speed-of-light experienced recruiters review resumes – this can first appear as several jobs, often in a short time frame. Thereby a mistaken perception of job-hopping when in fact it is the opposite.  Be sure you represent yourself clearly – showing a progression of jobs within one company, before listing then the next company and details, and that associated information.

Last, there are instances of course, when there has been short periods of time noted with various companies/job titles. Instead of being totally disregarded due to that presumed 10-second glance, have some sort of explanation of gaps, or of why a job ended after a short time.

If there are more thoughts on this, please reply in a post here. Or call me, if you choose. I’d be happy to discuss, or even edit or prepare your resume, as needed!






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