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End of an era

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To the Chicago Southland Career Network:

December 6, Tuesday was our final meeting of 2016. I introduced this new format of a Roundtable for job seekers and for those in career transition alike. The intention was to provide a more structured and thereby effective forum for those in career transition; beyond directives by the facilitator, each participant gaining insight and experience from others who are experiencing similar circumstances.

We never had to turn anyone away, not meeting our maximum participation, yet we’ve had to cancel more than once for a lack of. So, it is with lack of interest or availability that I have decided to put this group as it is, on hold. Not simply for personal reasons as it was two years ago, yet to permit me to continue to provide affordable coaching in this small group format, I would require more regular participation. Individual fees may not affordable for some, particularly when unemployed which is why I have continued in this path for the past eight (8) years.


The good side is, many people are finding their way to new jobs and careers. I believe there will always be a need for such support among professionals like yourselves. I hope to continue to provide some satisfactory support through the BLOG -Let’s Talk Work and through our GROUP on Facebook. The day may come where I integrate those two online resources.

I have often felt that “I am doing what I should be doing” when I meet with and discuss your concerns and conundrums; your aspirations and your accomplishments. It’s been an honor to get to know so many of you over these years. I am sure our paths will cross once again (they often do) and that you have felt that our meetings have been valuable and worthy of your time.

All the best to you and yours, in this holiday season and beyond,

Respectfully, Donna Mazalin


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