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April, Busy times

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Tis the seasons. Tax season. Election season. Yard work. Spring cleaning. More hiring going on, temporary or otherwise. People and businesses have enjoyed the extra hour of daylight in recent weeks as it perks us up and energizes most of us.

Much is going on in today’s workplaces. Even if you are not in the accounting business or working for a government agency, somehow this high energy, overly busy time of those professionals may be impacting you as well.

Accounting professionals may or many not welcome extensions by their clients. It just delays the work and the payment. We’d like to hear from them on their reluctance to process extensions – how and if it really matters to them one way or another. But we know that through April 15th, not a whole lot of personal time is on the calendar for those who do tax work.

Then it is local election season as well in so many communities. People waiting on decisions to be made, that might be on hold – until new officials are in place, or not. Projects nearing completion may need final approvals in the workplace of these environments yet, the focus is on the future, not so much the now. While that ‘future’ could be the same as the ‘now’, a lot of uncertainty remains.

Landscaping businesses. Should they get a running head start because of all the mild weather the Chicago area has enjoyed this winter; or should they ‘wait and see’ in case there just may be one more big snow? Should they hire more people today, or delay that until needed? However, back to the west coast – this is a year round business in warm climates so steady-as-they go.

Spring breaks bring R&R to families but hectic times in the hospitality industry. Car sales may increase as people who filed their taxes early, may use their refunds to purchase another vehicle, or two.

Other businesses/industries pick up during these weeks: the big box stores with gardening centers; retail stores with spring clothes; and at home – some spring cleaning with or without the help of a 3rd party.

On the west coast, they are known for eating healthier all year-long, than those of us in the Midwest. We seem to wait until ‘salad season’ is upon us, and where the comfort food of the past few months are now showing their true colors.

So, we have a little patience and understand the stressed that occur in some workplaces and industries during these months as the 1st quarter of the year is now behind us.




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