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It’s been just over a year since SGi hosted a job fair in Orland Park. Attending one today on behalf of a client with only a few current openings – all part-time.

Today’s event – more highly attended by both employers and job seekers. Maybe because it was free. Maybe because it was hosted by a politician who facilitates a few of these annually in area suburbs.

“Part-time is better than no time” was the best response I heard today. Good attitude.

Others – not so upbeat. Many educators being laid off due to budget cuts; other industries downsizing as they are doing more business on the cloud. Some people may not have had to endure unemployment until now; upbeat and motivated or scared. The feelings expressed can be raw – with emotions rising to the surface in even a brief encounter.

As an employer however, it is my obligation to try to maintain conversation with those who may be serious contenders for a current opening, or maybe a good prospect for a future one. However, when I ask someone what type of work they are looking for…and the response is ‘anything’, well, that isn’t too impressive. However, some older adults with a wide range of experiences may be looking for just that – anything. They may want part-time, due to early retirement, forced or otherwise. Or, simply a career change with more balance in their lives. Some are getting accustomed to being under employed.

What I have observed as that a majority of those attending were quite well dressed/groomed. They are prepared. Then there’s always the few who show up to look for a job and meet an employer face-to-face wearing shorts, or a midriff blouse, or both.  Most people have been quite pleasant, greeting employers with pleasantries and a nice smile.

And the resumes. It seems the longer employed, the smaller the fonts. Some try so hard to cram all experiences on to a page or two. Others, taking misguided advise from a friend. Resumes that have no companies listed. Still don’t get that mindset. In any case, if I was there to promote my services in resume development, etc. I would be busy for some time. But I’m not.







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