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Is the grass always greener?

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Do you want a career change, or just a job change? What might make someone leave a job, a company – that has been quite good to them from day one? Are you seeking a work and life balance that you’re not getting? What about income or benefits? What are you risking by leaving a company that has been stable and good for you so far?


or PLAN B?

First, it simply may be for a change of pace and tasks. Maybe something more creative. Or, it could be because you can’t get comfortable in the workplace culture or with the leadership you report to. Often, it’s when one has had enough, of something.

However, leaving on good terms – on really good terms, is always the best no matter what your reason. Will that door be open for you again, if you need it?

Many companies have a ‘no rehire’ policy in place. Sometimes that policy has been mandated because of management being burned by one employee or another. Yes, managers get burned, too. To protect themselves from all kinds of risks, to avoid a recurrence of nepotism, or to simply not welcome back someone who thought the grass might be greener.

Be sure to know your company’s rehire policy (if they even have one) so that you can make an educated decision should another opportunity come your way. Be as honest as possible about your resignation and if there is even the slightest chance the grass may not be so green on the other side, don’t burn bridges. Make nice. Let your current employer know how grateful you were for the opportunity you were given, and that you would hoped to be able to reapply in the future if desired. And if you really want to keep that door ajar, keep in touch. Call your former boss or co-workers. Let them know how things are going. There’s always a honeymoon period with a new job. “I love my new boss; my commute is so much better; people are so nice here; there is so much to learn.” Yes, I’ve said that all myself. After spending a full month with one side of a corporation and then being catapulted into an entirely different mindset and culture and environment. While I knew where I was headed, I hadn’t realized the difference between corporate and actual workplace. And what a difference it was.

So the grass is not always greener. It may have been presented to you that way. Or it may just turn out that way. Any new job can turn upside down for unanticipated reasons. Just don’t be blindsided and don’t let the doors hit you on the way out. Keep them open.



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