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Caring for Customers

What does it take to make a customer simply feel acknowledged? It shouldn’t take much. Occasional customer service training, reinforced through recognition or rewards would certainly help.


Shopping recently in a widely known discount retailer – I left there just as aggravated as I was last time I shopped there; the time I said I would never return. Ha.

Here are a couple of observations while shopping and attempting to check-out. I wonder how many could relate, from one side of the cashier lane or the other.

  1. Employees apparently assigned to do stocking — instead socializing and taking their sweet time to do the job. Revisiting a couple of aisles for my missed selections – I noticed this with 2 different groups  — both working in pairs; both socializing with each other; and both still having unpacked or shelved the products.
  2.  Cashier light is on, which would make you think the lane is open. But – when the cashier is seemingly hiding out, leaning back while scrolling on her cellphone where she can’t be seen unless you try hard to, just didn’t seem like she was ready to check anyone out.
  3.  When a colleague is called to help with a price check and I watch as they slowly stroll towards our lane to ask ”what’s the problem” and then disappears for the longest time. I decide to close my purchase and not wait any longer. Just as I am checking out, the cashier notices the floor person far in the distance, who is chatting with two other people (coworkers) with my product just hanging over her shoulder. Absolutely no urgency to return to the cashier lane; completely ignorant of the line accumulating behind me and that an already prolonged wait was long enough.
  4. Never any eye contact, never any thank you. Just a low-battery robotic stance.

Needless to say, I left without the product and walked by this floor-person still in her chat circle with my product still over her shoulder.

I will not disclose the retailer here. You might guess. I will share my complaint directly with a store manager. But my point is – why is there no expediency in anything? Obviously, there doesn’t appear to be any true customer service/care training, and why isn’t good service a mandated expectation of employees? Is everyone watching everyone else’s back? Are all such staffers of the same “I don’t give a damn” attitude so no one even watches out for one another? What is their mindset? Seems to be only for a paycheck, in my view. I wonder, so I vent. Please chime in if you’re willing.