Let's Talk Work

because there are two sides to every story

Career Callings


So, this is where I started, in my desire to share the stories of others in their fields – their chosen careers – the why, the how and all the points in between, as they allow.

As founder of Sundance Group, I’ve been engaged with a myriad of professions through my work in the human resources field  — even prior to starting this Human Resources practice in 1998.  Even as a teenager, I was interested in the career choices & callings of others. I recall browsing the help wanted sections in papers and calling friends encouraging them to apply, or contemplating what it might like to work in one of those jobs.

My earliest professional/supervisory role was a social services environment – a sheltered workshop (Sertoma) that supports adult individuals with disabilities to develop skills that would allow them to perform all sorts of jobs. I supervised a group of no less than 30 clients at a time, in assigning, training and monitoring work, in evaluating and quality assurance. I worked quite closely with the social work department on various cases – as had considered pursuing that field at the time. While I did begin those studies along with criminal justice at age 18 at MVCC, life and other work intervened along the way.  I have had my own diverse career path, a few times feeling that it has come full circle. I have become more than acquainted with many professions through my work as a corporate recruiter. And once I established my own business, the range of industries and jobs within only broadened my interest and knowledge. Sundance Group has since evolved to include career coaching in various forums.

Since 1992 and through HR management roles, I’ve been recruiting in the fields of technology, hospitality, engineering, finance, treasury, media, accounting, security, surveillance, business intelligence, marketing, sales, IT, restaurant, casino gaming, and it really it is a nearly never-ending list. I have gained substantial knowledge and insight through the industries & management I’ve been supported, and through the people I’ve recruited and interviewed, hired – and sometimes had to fire, all along the way.

Having said all that, it is what has been going on in my personal life that has introduced me to a few other professions that I’ve not been involved with professionally or even personally for the most part. These newer experiences have opened my eyes to fields that I never thought too deeply about and now it has inspired me to learn more about them, never again taking their roles for granted, so this is where I start.

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